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Razer announces Gears 5-themed Thresher headphones

At the launch of Gears 5,popular gaming accessories manufacturer Razer announced a new version of the Thresher Headphones for Xbox One dedicated to the title of The Coalition. Thresher for Xbox One - Gears 5 Edition headphones are high-quality wireless headphones that connect directly to the Xbox One without the need for a USB dongle.

The headphones, available for 199 Euros,take advantage of Windows Sonic for virtual surround sound, offering superior positional audio along with a lag-free wireless connection and digital microphone for clear communications. In addition to a Gears-themed design, the headset also includes a Lancer skin and a team crest exclusive to the game.

These are the characteristics of headphones:

  • Comfortable even when worn with glasses - With foam hollow to reduce pressure on the temples
  • Headphone controls - To quickly adjust the main volume and microphone
  • Skin-like bearings with noise insulation feature - Stay fully focused on the game
  • Windows Sonic - To ensure clear positional audio just extracted from the packaging
  • Pop-up Microphone - Closes completely in the headset
  • 50mm driver - For high-fidelity audio
  • Up to 16 hours - On a single charge

You can learn more about headphones and buy them from the official Razer website,while below you can see some pictures of them.