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Darksiders III: the DLC The Crucible is available today and it shows in video

THQ Nordic has released the launch trailer of The Crucible , the first DLC for Darksiders III available from today on the PlayStation Store Games Store priced at 6.99 Euros .

In The Crucible , enemies will attack you in a series of waves: If you survive for a set of five, you're given a choice, you will get your reward or risking losing everything. Once you pass all 100 waves at once you will have access to the final challenge.

These are the main features of the DLC The Crucible :

  • 101 waves of fighting exhausting, suitable only for the toughest warriors and stubborn.
  • New equipment for scaffolding as proof of your superiority.
  • New spells ever seen so far.
  • Rare crafting materials to enhance your weapons.

We leave you now to the trailer: enjoy!

MX Video - Darksiders III