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Red Dead Online: the new update introduces how arms race

Rockstar has announced the availability of a new update today of the Beta of Red Dead Online , multiplayer Red Dead Redemption 2 , which introduces a new mode called arms race . Players, up to a maximum of 32 , will have to collect arms and ammunition while the playing area narrows, trying to survive as much as possible.

How arms race is available free for all and team competition and in both, the winner or team will be the one that survives dominatrix to others.

Rockstar Announces also that soon will be available as well as other updates, such as new races and showdown mode, new clothes and emote and some changes based on feedback from players, as reported in official website, including:

  • Daily challenge : new challenges every day covering different aspects of the game, from precision shooting at escapes from the law.
  • Improvements to the system of law and sizes : some changes are coming to the running of the system of law and the sizes of Red Dead Online, aimed at reducing the chances of irritate other players. Soon, those who commit crimes will receive a bounty on their heads and will be encouraged to pay you in a time limit. Letting go too long, the player will after the bounty hunters of all States and will be obligated to pay or flee.
  • Changes to the system of the truce : the system will be easier to turn, so as to avoid more quickly aggressive players. In addition, it is easier to start Feuds , Feuds between Posse and Feuding between chieftains to deal with other players in structured contexts.
  • Proximity Icons of players : early position players icons appear only a short distance, reducing the RADIUS in which someone will be visible to others. This will decrease the chance of being spotted and attacked by other players in large areas. In addition, we will try to make possible the identification of the most aggressive players and who kill indiscriminately with an icon more darker visible from a distance; in this way, participants in a session can see them immediately, but keeping at a safe distance.

Rockstar is also working on a series of completely new content that will be released later this year. Here are just some of these new features:

  • New missions to broaden the story of "the land of opportunity", with London, Jessica LeClerk and new characters
  • A series of dynamic events scattered throughout the game world
  • New ways of competitive, including races and showdowns
  • In addition, new weapons, clothes and much more of which we cannot yet talk.

Eventually Rockstar reveals that the Beta phase of Red Dead Online will continue for a few more months with new features and innovations in store, to improve, stabilize and improve the gaming experience.