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State of Decay 2: our gameplay out of infestations and infected clusters

We offer you today a new gameplay footage of State of Decay 2 we captured during your test to the game review: the video focuses this time on the hauntings and the infected masses . The former are events that appear randomly on the map and in which a large group of zombies takes control of a building: the player, if you want, you can reach these areas and free them by killing all the undead that occupy, collect thus material and the rewards that await him.

Infected clusters instead are the "sources" of the plague of blood , or zombesca infection. Amorphous creatures are spreading in the air the disease turning the undead zombie infected standard (more dangerous and that can plague the player hitting it). In this case you have to go to destroy them: clusters do not appear randomly but are related to the plot and should be killed to complete the main task.

We leave you to your movie, enjoy!

MX Video - State of Decay 2