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PUBG: map Miramar will be provable before may in the Test Server

Last week PUBG Corp has announced that in May will arrive on Xbox One version of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds desert map Miramar , but if you are really interested to try it you won't have to wait long.

The developers have announced today that it will soon be released into the Test Server feature game, already exists on the PC, which will allow us to try to advance the game to feature next release. This feature will give us just early access-in April – the new map, among other improvements that we can test before they arrive in an official update in May.

But how will it work using the Test Server ? It's simple: all owners of the game will be able to download a second client, a sort of "beta version" of the title, which will give access to the Test Server only when they are opened. But be warned: any progress and aesthetic element gained in this test environment will not be transported in the present game. This is so totally a "test environment" that will allow you to try the new features of the game but without that you can earn rewards for real play.

We will update you when they are provided more details on the launch of the Test Server to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ; stay tuned.