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Valhalla Hills-Definitive Edition arrives on consoles in April

The publisher Kalypso Media has announced that it will bring on Xbox One Valhalla Hills-Definitive Edition , revised and corrected version of the strategic plan developed by Funatic's Entertainment. It was also announced that the title will be available for purchase starting on April 28.

In Valhalla Hills-Definitive Edition we will play Leko, the youngest of the sons of Odin condemned to exile because he didn't keep his father's expectations. Finding himself suddenly in charge of a handful of Viking warriors, Leko will have to work hard to keep his allies and fight their way to the place it deserves in the realm of the gods.

The console version of Valhalla Hills-Definitive Edition will also include the two DLC already available for the title, Sand of the Damned and Fire Mountains , and a new map type called The Dwarf Cave . The player will have to make good use of their management skills to take care of the band of warriors, buildings and resources at his disposal while fending off invaders or savage beasts.

Valhalla Hills-Definitive Edition will provide players:

  • 35 different buildings to construct and manage within its own Viking camp
  • Breathtaking to conquer and dangerous enemies to deal with as the Frost Giants or mummies.
  • Maps generated procedurally, day-night cycle and a balanced economic system can offer challenges and variety.

Remember again that Valhalla Hills-Definitive Edition will be available on Xbox One since April 28 in both retail and digital.