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Dishonored 2: a new trailer shows us the techniques of attack reduced to chaos

Arkane Studios has released a new video, which you can see at the bottom of the news, of Dishonored 2 showing us Emily Kaldwin exploit Shadow Step to explore Villa Gadgetzan passing unnoticed within the walls of this architectural wonder created by a mad scientist.

Watch Emily use new tools and new supernatural abilities to avoid the dreaded meccanosoldati (or reconfigure them to render them harmless) and neutralize the guards in nonlethal. The goal is to free Anton Sokolov, emerge unscathed from the building and, therefore, escape the evil Delilah.

For the gaming session to high, follow this link chaos.

How you decide to face Villa Gadgetzan when Dishonored 2 will be released on November 11 PS4 Xbox One?

MX Video - Dishonored 2