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Rumor: next Xbox comes in 2014 due to problems with the license Blu-ray

After so many rumors coming from the four corners of the globe, today I propose a rumor "original" even if our hope is that proves wrong. Our source, the same one that we had anticipated correctly the release of his latest Xbox 360 update, informed us that the new Xbox will fail to see the light at the end of 2013, as many expect, but comes instead in 2014, presumably in the first half of the year.

Our informant explains that "leaked" comes from the management of a large chain commerciale italiana, which is preparing to launch PS4 at the end of the year and does not expect the release this year of the new Xbox. According to the source it looks like Microsoft is having trouble getting the Blu-ray license for the new console mounted player (because, apparently, of some kind of long time Sony exclusive to the console market), and this caused a delay in the time to market. It is not clear yet whether such incidents are related solely to the European market or if it is a problem globally.

The fact that a simple licensing problem to postpone a major launch of a new console there seems frankly very strange (and while it's believable that Microsoft takes its business partners updated on release dates of the products, they are less likely to tell even their own internal problems), but this adds to recent rumors that Microsoft would be delayed by six months on developing games for the consolethat slippage, if confirmed, could also have other justifications.

As always, we invite you to take this rumor with extreme caution: hopefully during the May 21 event Microsoft could finally shed light on everything.