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BioWare reveals Dragon Age: The Veilguard gameplay in lengthy demo

As promised, BioWare and EA today released a long demonstration of Dragon Age: The Veilguard, revealing to us in 20 minutes of gameplay the mechanics of the title, from the interaction between the characters to the exploration to the frenetic fights. Here it is, along with an official description of the game.

Electronic Arts Inc. and BioWare have unveiled a first look at gameplay from the opening moments of the highly anticipated single-player fantasy RPG, Dragon Age: The Veilguard. This bold and heroic adventure aims to offer everything the series is known for: a gripping story, fantasy lands, trusted companions, and a world where you make a real difference.

In Dragon Age: The Veilguard, you'll embark on a quest to stand up to the powerful elven gods and stop the destruction they're unleashing on the world. You play as Rook, who fights on the front lines alongside an interesting group of companions with individual stories and motivations. In true Dragon Age fashion, teammates are at the heart of the experience, and as a Rook, you'll need to step up, assemble a team, and build relationships to become the unexpected leader others believe in.

In Dragon Age: The Veilguard, the legendary elven god of deception Solas wants to destroy the Veil that separates Thedas from the demon world, restoring immortality and glory to his people, even at the cost of countless lives. But his ritual goes awry, and his worst fears come true when two of his oldest and most powerful adversaries are freed. And they want nothing more than to finish what they began to realize millennia ago: complete and absolute domination of the world. Rook's journey to stop these two powerful gods will stretch across Thedas to bustling cities, lush tropics, boreal forests, secluded swamps, and the deepest depths, but beware of evil forces along the way such as Darkspawn, hunting cultists, and Oblivion demons.

Key Features of Dragon Age: The Veilguard:

  • Companions: The new companions in Dragon Age: The Veilguard come to life with some of the most compelling individual stories ever in Dragon Age. The expansive and dynamic story explores love, loss, and complex choices that will affect your relationships and the fate of each member of the Aegis of the Veil. New companions such as Veil Acrobat Bellara, Necromancer Emmrich, and Private Investigator Neve hail from iconic factions of the Dragon Age world, and possess individual skill trees and specialized gear for advanced squad progression. You'll also see familiar faces, such as archer Lace Harding, who returns to the series as a full-time companion.
  • Choices and Consequences: Dragon Age: The Veilguard builds on the series' deep interpretive roots, delivering stunning storytelling and world-building, deep personalities for each companion, meaningful choices, and impactful cinematic moments. The bonds you make and the relationships you build will be influenced by the choices you make throughout your journey.
  • A Thoughtfully Crafted Experience: As a character-driven RPG, Dragon Age: The Veilguard offers a thoughtfully crafted experience that pays homage to BioWare's narrative history. The Lighthouse offers a central place to rest and discover more about the world through dialogue, while the Crossroads allows a passage to traverse the explorable regions of the world together with your companions. You'll experience Thedas more than ever before as your story unfolds through meticulously crafted biomes and beautiful regions such as Rivain, Weisshaupt, Arlathan, Minrathous, the Deep Ways, and many more, each of which invites you to delve deeper into the narrative and unravel the mysteries of the territory.
  • Fluid and Customizable Combat: Immersive combat combines fluid moment-to-moment controls with more tactical choices. Players can fully customize the experience to suit their playstyle with skill trees ranging across three different classes (warrior, mage, and rogue), each with unique abilities and specializations. Choose two companions to join you on your missions and unleash powerful team combos that can turn the tide of any battle. Make strategic decisions and command your allies to fight, heal, or stay out of the fray with the new Skill Wheel.
  • Become the guide you want to be: Dragon Age: The Veilguard features a robust character creation system that allows you to become the guide you want to be with a wide range of customizations. BioWare has designed the most in-depth character creation ever in Dragon Age, to make this story truly your own.
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