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State of Decay 3 shows off at Xbox Game Showcase

State of Decay 3, as leaked in a press release showcasing developer Undead Labs' new logo, was shown off at the Xbox Game Showcase. The new animations and technical aspects look like a huge step forward for the studio, which has been working with Gears of War developer The Coalition to take everything to the next level.

Here's some information about the title, followed by the new trailer.

Undead Labs today revealed a new trailer for State of Decay 3, giving us a closer look at the ambitious open-world zombie survival game. The fan-favorite sequel to State of Decay 2 is a huge step forward for the series and the studio.

In State of Decay 3, the game's world has been in the grip of the apocalypse for years now, with an ever-evolving zombie menace taking over the landscape. You'll have to fight and make up for lost ground, carving out a life for your community of home-based survivalists.

Fans of the series may notice in the new trailer some hints of some staples of the franchise: brutal combat, cooperative fight against threats to the group of survivors, permadeath, opening the car door on a zombie while speeding down the street. But the more you look at it, the more you'll see hints of how State of Decay 3 will be the most ambitious game Undead Labs has ever imagined.

MX Video - State of Decay 3