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Rumors about Xbox's mysterious Project Shaolin are back

In the past months there had already been talk of the mysterious Project Shaolin, an unannounced action game produced as a First Party title by Xbox Games Publishing and developed by Brass Lion Entertainment; according to previous rumors, it would be an action-RPG based on martial arts, which sees the involvement of the American hip hop collective Wu Tang Clan.

Now Insider Gaming's Tom Henderson has been able to confirm these rumors through his sources, explaining that the game is still in the Alpha phase of development, which means that it is not imminent release (Henderson suggests that it could still take a year or two to release), but it could soon be officially announced (perhaps at tonight's TGA?)

In addition to this, Henderson also revealed some details related to the game. We thus discover that the game will be focused on frenetic third-person hand-to-hand combat, where music will play a fundamental role and will be linked to the fights themselves; the soundtrack will be composed from the Clan's extensive repertoire, but the songs will be adapted and remixed specifically for the game by producer and DJ Just Blaze.

The title will allow us to play solo or on co-op with 4 players, and all nine members of the Wu Tang Clan will be playable, although it is not clear as main characters: Henderson explains that they will be usable as "power-ups" for the player, which will give him special moves, better health and so on. So it is possible that they can be recalled during the game, while we will play with a different character. We will also be able to choose between four weapons with different play styles (single sword, double swords, etc.).

The game will have a vast world that can be explored freely and there will also be a central hub, called "Neighorhood" (the neighborhood), where we will be able to sell the loot recovered during the game, listen to music and change clothing. Henderson's sources also explain that the game will focus on marginalized communities, such as black or indigenous communities.

Henderson was also able to view a gameplay, which he was not allowed to share publicly, and explained that the game will have a cartoon graphic style that is very reminiscent of that of Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, with a colorful and anime-inspired art style.

For now, the information ends here: we are waiting for new revelations about this future Xbox exclusive, or maybe the real official announcement!