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2K announces LEGO 2K Drive brick racer

2K and Visual Concepts today announced LEGO 2K Drive, a LEGO licensed racing game that bills itself as an open world "AAA driving adventure," coming May 19.

LEGO 2K Drive will offer us both single player and multiplayer gameplay, a variety of different biomes, races, minigames, challenges, collectibles, objects to destroy and a story that will guide the player throughout the adventure.

The game will also feature a customization system that will allow us to build any vehicle with over 1,000 unique LEGO pieces. However, we will find a series of ready-made cars, taken from LEGO City, Creator, Speed Champions and also McLaren Solus GT and F1 LM.

In multiplayer, players will be able to race their vehicles alongside friends in a "robust co-op experience" offered alongside competitive multiplayer for up to six players. The game will also support split-screen two-player multiplayer.

Waiting to see the game in action, we offer you the first images.