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EA Sports PGA Tour shows us the Career Mode

EA returns to talk to us today about EA Sports PGA Tour, which will represent the return after a few years of absence of the golf simulator of the Californian house; specifically, today information and a trailer for the Career mode have been released, which will see us lead our golfer in the climb of the world rankings.

Here is everything, while we remind you that the game is expected for April 7th.

Customizing Career Mode

Players will begin their journey by customizing their golfer's appearance with a variety of visual customizations, equipment options, and swing styles. The golfer's swing style can be adjusted by changing the swing, swing time, preferred stroke types, and ball trajectory through Career mode. Players can also choose equipment from iconic and next-generation brands, selecting the stick head, shaft, grips and more. Players can also equip their golfer with authentic high-end clothing and accessories of this sport.

The road to greatness

Players will be able to choose where to start their journey: as amateurs in one of the major amateur events, in the Korn Ferry Tour or in the PGA TOUR. As amateurs, players will be able to compete in the U.S. Amateur Championship, Augusta National Women's Amateur, Amateur Championship, Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship and Latin American Amateur Championship, culminating in Q-school where they will compete for a spot on the Korn Ferry Tour. Once the amateur championships are won, an invitation to the Masters and U.S. Open will be sent.

After completing the Korn Ferry Tour, or if they have chosen to skip it, players will embark on the PGA TOUR, competing each week on golf's biggest stages, including major championships to chase the legendary green jacket, a Grand Slam title, the FedExCup and more.

In Career Mode, players can use the "AI Pairings" setting to play blow by blow against a PGA TOUR AI pro, or turn it off to speed up the round and focus solely on the game. AI performance is based on official ShotLink data, so professionals play on every course and every hole just like they would in real life.

Skill progression and shooting types

Career mode uses a progression style similar to that of role-playing games, where players can build their own skill set over time. By earning XP and Skill Points and applying them to categories such as Power, Driving, Approach, Short Game and Putting, new types of shots and upgrades are unlocked to help them succeed as the fields become more difficult.

The Season Hub is where players can regularly check their updates, view the entire calendar of events, follow career progress and other achievements through the "Career Mastery" tab. You can also view completed and ongoing challenges – series of ranked challenges in a field or tournament – to develop skills and unlock new types of shots. By completing the different challenges, players can control the specifications of their ball and bat, which offer customizable performance characteristics in the areas of power, precision, control and recovery.


Players have a number of features that can be influenced by completing Career Mode missions:

  • Power - Boosting this attribute increases power and affects the speed of the tee off swing.
  • Accuracy - The higher the accuracy, the smaller the errors and the size of the windows.
  • Control - The higher the control of the players, the more accurately they will be able to influence the grip, the accuracy in shaping the shot and the spin of the ball.
  • Recovery - Recovery decreases the impact of penalties applied when they are in unsuitable holes, such as rough and sand. Penalties include:
    • Carry-over distance penalty
    • The size of the range shown in the carry-over distance penalty window
    • Natural rotation penalty
    • Penalty for the formation of the shot
    • Spin control penalty
    • Tolerance window penalty for wrong shots
    • Penalty for swing out of plan and error in the shot
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