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Rumor: Warner Bros. prepares the postponement of Suicide Squad

It is not yet official, but the US site Bloomberg has revealed that Warner Bros. has decided to postpone to the end of 2023 Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the new co-op action game from the talented Rocksteady.

Announced for release on May 26, the game caused a lot of discussion among fans due to the unconvincing gameplay demonstration a few weeks ago, which showed a game far too different from Rocksteady's previous Arkham series and seemingly too chaotic.

The postponement, however, reveals the magazine, is not intended to change the game compared to what has been seen, but only to fix various bugs and refine aspects of the game that were not completely satisfactory. Since the official release is now in two months, the official announcement of the postponement should come soon: we will update you as soon as there are news.