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Dead Island 2 shows off in an extended gameplay demonstration

Less than two months after the launch of Dead Island 2, scheduled for April 21, Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver have released a new long movie of the game that offers us an in-depth look at the gameplay, all commented by the developers and complete with subtitles in Italian.

Here are some details about the video released by the studio, followed by the video in question.

In the video, equipped with an array of weapons, each with their own unique and brutal fighting style and endless upgrade opportunities, huntress Dani meets the Standard (Walker, Stagger, Runner), Variants (Grenadier Walker) and Alpha (Hyper Mutated Zombies) zombies, all with unique powers and behaviors. Originally from County Cork in Ireland, Dani is tenacious but balanced, an exclusive slayer trait that is well suited to an agile fighting style. His mission? Travel to Halperin Hotel.

Players will also be able to combine a powerful set of Skill Cards to improve their skills and adapt them to their playstyle, assisting Dani as she makes her way through the first part of the game. Dambuster Studios' dismemberment technology, known as FLESH (Fully Locational Evisceration System for Humanoids), means crushing bones, slicing zombies and melting meat has never been so satisfying.

As an infected but somewhat immune slayer, you'll finally understand what happens when hunters activate their corrupted DNA to use Fury mode.

MX Video - Dead Island 2