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The Last Case of Benedict Fox arrives on April 27, long demonstration of gameplay

Polish studio Plot Twist Studio announced today that the Lovecraftian metroidvania The Last Case of Benedict Fox will arrive on our consoles on April 27th. From previous announcements we know that the game will arrive in Game Pass at launch, so it will be a further feast on a great title for subscribers to the service.

The announcement is accompanied by a long movie that shows us the gameplay and mechanics of the game: you can find it below, together with the official information provided by the developers and a new set of images.

Step into 1925 Boston as the self-proclaimed detective of the same name to experience the deep mauve haze, sinister spires, foreshadowed paths, and eerie glare of Limbo. As Benedict, you will delve further into oblivion to uncover the truth behind a mysterious family tragedy, while responding to the whims of a demon that possesses his soul. Uncover the memories of the dead through a chilling narrative intertwined with hilarious fights and shocking puzzles. Explore the arcane realms of life and death in the universe of Limbo as far as your psyche allows, but beware, this case can easily consume you... leaving behind an endless and nightmarish coma. Can you solve the case or succumb to madness?

Game features:

  • Descending into Limbo - Benedict Fox's bond with his fellow demon allows him to descend into the consciousness of a deceased person, causing him to enter the world of Limbo. The mind is a dangerous place, with powerful emotions and painful memories! As the detective discovers more clues, Limbo shifts and danger is lurking.
  • Demon-Enhanced Combat System - Players will encounter ruthless and dangerous enemies during their journey to solve the case. Use a combination of items, environments, weapons and crossing skills to overcome the danger that awaits you.
  • A dark mystery - When Benedict settles in the colonial manor of the family he is investigating, a rich and tragic story unfolds as he explores their intimate and disturbing history.
  • Burtonesque Art Style - Be captivated by dramatic gothic cinematic design inspired by film noir and Lovecraftian nightmares as you explore, traverse and progress through Limbo on your journey to solve Benedict Fox's latest case.
MX Video - The Last Case of Benedict Fox