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Tango Gameworks reveals the fast-paced HI-FI RUSH, available today!

At the Developer_Direct there was also room for a very welcome surprise: Tango Gameworks, Shinki Mikami's studio, revealed the already rumored HI-FI RUSH, an action-rythm game in cel shading phallus cartoon style that will see us jump, fight and slide in a futuristic city: from these first tastes of gameplay, the game is reminiscent - albeit distantly - of titles such as Sunset Overdrive and Jet Set Radio.

The game features a combo system to the beat of music, with combat against robotic enemies in a futuristic city.

But the biggest surprise was that of the shadow drop of the game: the title is playable from tonight on the Game Pass! At the time of writing the game is not yet available, but it will be in the next few hours.

We leave you below the official characteristics of the game, the announcement trailer and a long demonstration of the gameplay: good vision!

Hi-Fi RUSH is a rhythmic action game set in a colorful world where everything is governed by rhythm, from the swaying trees in the game environment to the shots scored during the fights. The combat sequences perfectly follow the rhythm punctuated by the music, resulting in gameplay that is not only exhilarating, but also extremely satisfying. Unlike traditional rhythm games, moves are not determined by music: players rather enjoy the freedom typical of an action game. However, entering actions at the pace amplifies the player's attacks along with the music.

Players play as Chai, a free-spirited slacker who aspires to become a rock star. During a technological procedure for installing a robotic arm, he finds himself with an unexpected "extra" when his music player merges with his power source. As if that were not enough, the company that conducted the experiment calls it a "defect", aiming to disable it. With a team of business executives and an army of robots on his heels, Chai must defend himself through rhythmic combat and with the help of a diverse group of allies to defeat the ruthless leaders and escape.

With a host of licensed tracks from iconic rock bands including Nine Inch Nails and The Black Keys, Hi-Fi RUSH is ready to let you go wild, and it's available through Game Pass and Xbox Series X|S.

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