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The launch of High on Life on the GP is the best of the year and the best third party ever

The signs were all there: since High On Life, the new crazy FPS from Squanch Games and Justin Roiland arrived on Game Pass and Steam last week, despite a not too enthusiastic critical response the game has begun to "fly" on Twitch and on the rankings of the most played titles on Game Pass and the best-selling ones on Steam.

And now we have an official confirmation from Microsoft: the Redmond house has announced that High On Life is the best launch on the Game Pass in 2022 and, above all, the best launch ever seen by a third party title on the service and the best launch ever of a uniquely single player game, obviously always on the Game Pass. These are statistics based on the total number of hours played in the first 5 days of launch.

In short, just one week after launch, the game is breaking all records: a decidedly unexpected result and certainly the result of word of mouth among players who are enjoying the ironic and irreverent vein of the title and above all the many fun contents that Roiland has scattered in the most hidden corners of the game. This also shows how Microsoft has an excellent ability to select winning titles for its online service, even when it comes to independent productions.

Our congratulations to Squanch Games, Justin Roiland and Game Pass for the excellent result achieved!