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Team Ninja shows us Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty with a gameplay trailer

The Japanese Team Ninja (NiOh, Ninja Gaiden) return to show us the fascinating - and challenging - action game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, with a trailer that shows us different game scenes and fights with a wide variety of enemies, using melee weapons and Chinese martial arts. The game is expected in early 2023, included in game pass at launch.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is a dark fantasy action game set during the chaotic period of the Three Kingdoms, and tells us the story of the laborious struggle for the survival of a soldier during a demon infestation. The combat system is based on different fighting styles, a personagigo progression system, and Chinese martial arts, which gracefully change the pace as they move between offensive and defensive maneuvers. We leave you to the video, subtitled in Italian, and a set of images.

MX Video - Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty