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Gotham Knights: a trailer dedicated to Red Hood

Warner Bros. today completes the series of trailers dedicated to the protagonists of Gotham Knights with a movie dedicated to Red Hood alias Jason Todd, the second Robin before embarking on a career as a lonely vigilante in his red hooded costume.

Cappuccio Rossi is an impetuous vigilante with a tendency to give in excandescences, but also an experienced sniper and a fighter who has reached the peak of human strength, and these characteristics make him an expert in both ranged and hand-to-hand combat. After suffering a violent death, Red Hood has been resurrected in the Lazarus Well, thus gaining the ability to dominate mystical powers that assist him in battle and allow him to perform a series of mid-air propulsions to cross the city. Despite having a complicated past, Red Hood has now reconciled with Batman's family and committed to using non-lethal fighting methods to protect Gotham City after Batman's death.

Reminding you that Gotham Knights is expected for October 25, we leave you to the new trailer and two images.

MX Video - Gotham Knights