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Back 4 Blood: announced the new expansion Children of the Parasite

Warner Bros. and Turtle Rock Studios today announced the new expansion to Back 4 Blood, titled Children of the Parasite and coming August 30 included in the game's Annual Pass, in Deluxe and Ultimate editions or purchased separately.

Children of the Parasite follows the previous Tunnel of Terror expansion and will feature a new story and campaign that will confront players with an epic showdown with a new fierce threat. To help players fight this unknown adversary, the expansion introduces Dan the "Prophet", a self-proclaimed preacher of the apocalypse who, armed with a gun, joins the list of playable Exterminators in their effort to save humanity. Children of the Parasite will also include eight exclusive character skins, 12 exclusive weapon skins, new cards, and more.

We look forward to seeing the expansion in action.