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The full version of Grounded arrives on September 27

Obsidian Entertainment took advantage of the two-year celebration since the first Game Preview launch of Grounded to announce that the full version of the game, 1.0, will arrive on September 27, obviously included in the Game Pass.

Since its first launch on July 28, 2020, Grounded has attracted over 10 million players immersed in this fantastic miniature survival world, and has stood out so much that it has given life to an animated TV series currently in production. Not bad for a "secondary" project carried out with passion by a small team of just over 10 developers!

Version 1.0 of the game will introduce the biggest update ever had by the game so far, expanding the map with a new area, the upper courtyard of the house, and offering us a complete and exciting story that will lead us to discover how and why the boys have shrunk, and their adventure to return to full size. If you were waiting for the final version to finally be able to play or replay it after trying it in Preview, in two months you can finally do it!