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TCL Technology: a new Xbox Series console will arrive in 2023/24

Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer TCL Technology held a presentation in Poland today to present its new line of TVs, and during the event showed a slide (above) with a prediction that will surely cause discussion: according to the company, Microsoft (as well as Sony), will release a new and more powerful "Xbox Series" on the market in 2023 or 2024.

It is good, however, to make an important premise: it is not said that TCL is aware of the plans of Microsoft and Sony, and this could simply be a forecast based on the performance of the previous generation (not surprisingly shown in the same slide), which saw the release of "mid-gen" consoles four years after the beginning of the generation.

However, this is an interesting forecast, so let's see what the manufacturer's expectations are: according to the company, the new mid-generation consoles will be able to reach 60 or 120 fps at 4K at full power, without therefore graphic sacrifices, but they would also produce a video output of 8K at 120 fps (probably upscaled, since here we are only talking about output and not rendering). According to TCL, finally, the new hardware would be based on the future AMD Radeon RX7700XT GPU.

Will it really be so? 2023 is highly unlikely, but in 2024 could we be ready for a new, more powerful Xbox? Given the production problems that still plague the current generation, it would seem impossible, but Microsoft (as well as Sony) may surprise us. We just have to wait!