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The horror adventure The Chant is revealed in the first trailer

Prime Matter and the Brass Token studio revealed today with a trailer the adventure of "psychedelic horror" The Chant, which will see us face the consequences of a spirit ritual gone wrong during a retreat on a remote island.

Coming later this year on Xbox Series X|S, The Chant seems to be very interesting for lovers of single player narrative experiences; here are the official details and the trailer in question, along with a set of images.

Peace, tranquility and light on an idyllic and remote island: what more could you want?

The dark side of spirituality breaks the boundaries of normality in the new psychedelic horror The Chant. The next single-player third-person horror action-adventure game – developed by Brass Token and published by Prime Matter – which at launch later this year, will keep players in suspense.

Set on a remote island during a spiritual retreat, in The Chant you'll have to try to survive against a myriad of dangers that have been unleashed after a group ritual goes terribly wrong, opening a portal to a nightmarish dimension called The Gloom.

This dimension feeds on negative energy and will start to drive you and others crazy, tapping into your anxieties and fears and manifesting itself in the form of interdimensional creatures: experience a psychedelic horror journey never experienced before.

But all is not lost; only by unraveling the mysteries of a new age cult of the 70s while strengthening mind, body and spirit, can you reverse the song and avoid being trapped in the darkness forever.

MX Video - The Chant