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Alan Wake 2: new artwork, canceled this summer's demonstration

Remedy updates us today on the development of Alan Wake 2, explaining that the work is proceeding at full speed but that, just to devote itself 100% to the development of the game, the team has decided to cancel the demonstration of the gameplay that was scheduled for this summer.

Creative Director Sam Lake explained that making a demo version of the game is a challenging task that can steal even months of work from the team, and for now they have decided to devote themselves fully to the development of the game.

In order not to leave us completely starved of material on the game, however, the team has released four new artworks that show us how Alan this time will no longer be in the rural town of Bright Falls but in a more oppressive and dark metropolis, probably his New York City, from which he had moved in the first game and which had also been seen in the announcement trailer. Here they are below.