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Fortnite is the first title playable in Cloud Gaming without subscription

Microsoft today announced a new fundamental step forward for the Xbox Cloud Gaming service: from today anyone with a free Microsoft account will be able to play Fortnite in the Cloud, from this page, without having to have an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Until now, in fact, the Cloud Gaming service has been an integral part of the Game Pass, and the only games that could be used were those of the subscription service. With this move Microsoft begins a path to make Cloud Gaming a service that can also be used by those who do not have the Pass: the Redmond house suggests that other F2P titles will join Fortnite on the service, and it is likely that the next step will be to allow us to play in the Cloud even the titles we have purchased digitally.

We remind you that Xbox Cloud Gaming allows anyone to play without owning a console, and is accessible from Android devices through the Xbox Game Pass app, directly from Xbox and from PC and iOS devices through the dedicated site. Increasingly insistent rumors also suggest that it will also be brought to Smart TVs through dedicated apps and a sort of "Xbox Stick" produced by Microsoft. Stay tuned for all the news!