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Rumor: MS prepares a Family Plan for Game Pass, a shared subscription with 5 people

The well-known journalist Jez Corden of Windows Central published today an interesting scoop: according to Corden's sources, Microsoft would be working on a Family Plan for Xbox Game Pass, which will allow five people to share the same subscription using it with as many accounts and consoles.

To date, the only way to share the Game Pass with another person, familiar or not, is by using the sharing system of the Home console, which however only allows two people to play at the same time with the same subscription.

This new plan, corden explains, would allow the subscription owner to place up to four other people in his "family" through the Microsoft Family app, who could then use the Pass on their profiles and consoles without limitations and without sharing the Home console.

All this obviously will not be free: the Game Pass Family Plan would have, according to the journalist, an increased monthly price however "considerably lower" than that of five single subscriptions, so it would be convenient for family members or friends who wanted to divide the expense. And there would not even be an obligation to live in the same house: the important thing is that we all reside in the same nation.

According to Corden, this new subscription could be announced later this year: we just have to wait to find out if it will really be so.