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The Ghostbusters return in an asymmetrical 4 vs 1 multiplayer title

The independent studio IllFonic today announced Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed, a first-person multiplayer title dedicated to the popular film franchise in which, with an asymmetrical gameplay, four players will impersonate the Ghostbusters while a fifth will be the Ghost, with the task of scaring the citizens by taking possession of objects or unleashing his mini ghouls.

The game is coming later this year: here is the first official information, the announcement trailer and a set of screenshots.

Grab the Proton Backpack and Ghost Trap, and keep an eye on the PKE Meter and become a Ghostbuster along with four friends to chase terrible ghosts that terrorize public places. Work as a team to find the Ghost, hit him with the proton blaster and at the right time set the trap! It restores calm among the citizens and blocks the Ghost before it infests the whole area.

Or you can play as a Ghost, scaring citizens in various locations. You won't be afraid of Ghostbusters, thanks to the ability to fly and transport yourself through the slits. Take possession of the items you find in each room to escape the Ghostbusters and scare passers-by. And if this does not work, fill with slime and invoke mini ghouls it will surely do. He haunts all the available locations impersonating one of the many Ghosts, each with his own abilities.

Get ready for each mission in the mythical Firehouse, customizing your Ghostbuster or Ghost, upgrading equipment or skills, and training to shoot with the proton blaster and its upgrades. Talk to Winston Zeddemore, with the voice of Ernie Hudson, and choose the missions to carry out. Meet some old friends like the legendary Ray Stantz (Dan Aykroyd), ready to dispense special advice in Ray's Occult Library.

Who will you call when you want to catch some ghost? Thanks to the cross-platform multiplayer mode, anyone with a PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and/or Xbox Series X|S or One can team up and play together. AI companions characters can help complete teams, or play Ghostbusters or a Ghost to play offline.

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