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Undead Labs: State of Decay 3 will be on Unreal Engine 5, animation studio for all XGS

Today comes some interesting news from Undead Labs,the studio author of the State of Decay series acquired in 2018 by Microsoft: Simon Sherr, an animation specialist who worked on the spectacular demo The Matrix Awakens,revealed on his Linkedin page that he is working on creating a new studio for Undead Labs in Orlando, Florida.

Sherr explains that the studio will mainly deal with animation technology on Unreal Engine 5 for Undead Labs, confirming that State of Decay 3 will run on UE5, but not only: the studio will also have the task of starting a collaboration initiative with all Xbox Game Studios for the creation of new animation technologies, to use in other Microsoft projects.

Definitely great news, which could prelude to more realistic, cinematic and spectacular animations for State of Decay 3, after the previous titles in the series have certainly not shone on this front. We can't wait to discover the fruits!