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New GoldenEye 007 achievements emerge on Live: remaster coming soon?

Among the FPS that have most contributed to the popularity of the genre, at least on consoles, there is certainly GoldenEye 007 by Rare and Nintendo, released in 1997 on Nintendo 64. The famous site Trueachievements has now discovered something that would suggest a return of the game, probably as a remaster of the original title.

The site has in fact found a list of 55 objectives, for a total of 1000 GamerPoints, linked to a mysterious new "GoldenEye 007". The text of the objectives clearly refers to the original game and not to the remake of 10 years ago, which would suggest a sort of remaster that, according to past rumors, Rare was already working on before being blocked for licensing problems. That these problems have now been solved and the British studio has resumed the production of the title?

The fact that the project is linked to Rare, however, seems quite clear. To date, in fact, only two users have unlocked objectives of this game: BIGsheep and xtinamcgrath, both Rare employees who are probably testing the title.

That Microsoft and Rare prepare us a surprise with the release of a remaster of the game for Xbox? We just have to wait for official news or further rumors.