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Battlefield 2042: EA Introduces New Hazard Zone Modal

After letting us try the game thanks to the Open Beta, EA Games has finally raised the curtain on the last mode that will make up the offer proposed by Battlefield 2042. In addition to the already known All-Out Warfare and Battlefield Portal,today we learned about the particular Hazard Zone. Let's see what it is.

Battlefield Hazard Zone is an intense team survival experience, which unlike the well-established Battle Royale,is very close to the dynamics of the Escape from Tarnov shooter (available only on PC). Before going into the details of the mode it is good to talk about the narrative aspect of Battlefield 2042, because even if in the title there is no Campaign mode in the strict sense of the term, DICE has still worked to create a plausible scenario.

As shown in the spectacular short film Exodus,which introduces the first specialist Kimble ""Irish"" Graves, as well as a character fished out of Battlefield 4,the world is in chaos. A mysterious Blackout has destroyed nearly 70% of the satellites, blinding nations to each other around the world. The United States blames Russia for the event, and Russia blames the American government. As the climate among the superpowers becomes increasingly tense, due to climate change and the economic crises that emerged after the Black-Out, almost a billion people find themselves homeless and without nation. These homelandless individuals, called Dis-Pat,live aboard ships always on the go, finding themselves in the midst of this conflict. As shown in the short film that effectively serves as a Prologue, many people would like to get their hands on the information saved in some Hard Drives built in the satellites destroyed after the Black Out. In fact, these Hard Drives contain top secret photographic images, data and information of the various nations. Data that could destabilize the world, if it ended up in the wrong hands. And this is where the soldiers of the Dis-Pat,mostly former marines and soldiers, come into play. And that's where Hazard Zonecomes in.

In Hazard Zone you play the Dis-Pat,aware of the importance of the information contained in the satellites. A team of four players will be released in the Hazard Zone,to retrieve the data contained in the satellites and reach the place of extraction. The problem is that in addition to the occupation forces run by the AI, other teams of players are looking for that data.

The action will take place in the seven maps also used in the All-Out Warfare mode, with a maximum of 8 teams composed of 4 members, for a total of 32 players in the Xbox Series X|S version, while in the old-gen versions the teams will be 6, for a maximum of 24 players. Before taking the field the team will have to prepare, choosing its specialist (only one type per team to balance the experience), finally the weapons and equipment. Once on the ground, the team will receive directions where the satellites have crashed, and they can reach the impact zone as they prefer, taking advantage of the sandbox structure of the game's maps. But time will be against you, because a violent storm is about to hit the map, making extraction impossible.

There will be a maximum of two draws, this means that only two teams will be able to escape with the loot (or none), but be careful, if the whole team is eliminated all the loot will be lost. Between AI-managed enemies and rival teams, this mode prefers tactics, coordination and a high dose of concentration. The more Hard Drives you recover, the more Black Market Credits you will get, which is necessary to get better and better equipment to use in Hazard Zones.

To see if this interesting and intense mode will be able to carve out a slice of users, proposing an alternative to Call of Duty: Warzone and all the other Battle Royale, all that remains is to wait for November 19, the release date of Battlefield 2042. In the meantime we can deceive the wait with the presentation trailer of Hazard Zone: good vision!

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