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Left 4 Dead stars return in Zombie Army 4

Are you nostalgic for Bill, Francis, Louis and Zoey, the protagonists of Valve's famous Left4 Dead? Well, now you can see them again in action, but in Zombie Army 4: Dead War! The skins of the four mythical characters are part of a free downloadable DLC, released by Rebellion as part of the content produced for Season 3 of their zombie-themed shooter.

To get it, simply redeem it for free from the Store, or directly from the appropriate section within the game: at that point we could impersonate our favorite character (mine? Louis, in white shirt and red tie!) both in campaign chapters and horde mode.

As far as paid content is concerned, the same update has made available the mission "Abaddon Asylum "in which the hunt for Baron Umbra, started in the previous DLC "Terminal Error", continues. The new mission, as well as numerous additional cosmetic items, is available to game Season Pass holders, or can be purchased separately.

We remind you that Zombie Army 4: Dead War is currently included in the Xbox Game Pass service!