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Rumor: Microsoft Flight Simulator could arrive on the 15th, trailer tonight at Summer Game Fest

If you are among those who, like us, are currently waiting for the Xbox version of Microsoft Flight Simulator,perhaps preparing with the purchase of the Flight Stick Thrustmaster for Xbox (fully compatible Xbox Series X|S as well as Xbox One), Microsoft may have a welcome surprise in store for you.

In fact, the retail version of the GameStop Ireland game appeared on the GameStop Website, indicated as coming out next Tuesday, June 15,on Xbox Series X|S. And this could only be the retail date: if it were true, it is equally possible that Microsoft will release the title even earlier on the Store and in the Game Pass, maybe sunday night during the Xbox Showcase.

It is also possible that already tonight, during the opening event of the Summer Game Fest at 20:00, a new trailer of the game can arrive with the official release date: in an earlier official timeline of the game, in fact, just 10 June was indicated as the date of release of a new trailer.

So we are waiting for tonight's live broadcast, which as always you can follow with us on our Twitchchannel, to learn more!