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Rainbow Six Quarantine changes name to Extraction, teaser trailer

Ubisoft has announced that the survival/horror spin-off of the popular Rainbow Six series,so far known as Rainbow Six Quarantine, will actually be called Rainbow Six Extraction. The game will be presented on June 12 at 9:00 pm duringthe Ubisoft Forward,where we will finally know more about this mysterious threat that is infecting humanity and the environment that will constitute the beginning of the game's plot.

The sag producer at Antoine Vimal du Monteil said that" the heart of the gaming experience has become increasingly clear: Operators who come together to fight againsta common enemy, discovering new information about the parasite, waysto defeat it and protect each other at every stage of thegame".

Instead, creative director Patrik Methé declares that Rainbow Six Extraction will be "a modern cooperative tactical shooter, an experience based on an evolving alien threat. The challenges to be overcome will be many and all very different from each other, but the main objective will be only one: never leave anyone behind.

Looking forward to June 12, the developer released a new teaser trailer for the game. We remind you that you can follow the Ubisoft Forward on our Twitch channel,or on the official Twitch and YouTube channels.

MX Video - Rainbow Six Extraction