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Resident Evil Village: new trailer, demo coming soon and mercenary mode announcement

As promised, during tonight's Resident Evil Showcase Capcom released a new trailer for Resident Evil Village, in which the developers show us the tense atmosphere of the series; in the film we see again the three vampire antagonists of the title, a glimpse of the merchant and excerpts of gameplay, with a little final surprise.

Capcom also took advantage of the event to announce a game that will be available from 02.00 (Italian time) on May 3.

The demo will last a maximum of 60 minutes and will allow us to visit two areas: the castle and the village, each of which can be played for a maximum of 30 minutes. Here we can try some weapons of the game and unlock skills by improving specific statistics.

Finally, the Japanese publisher announced The Mercenaries mode,a more arcade mode that will focus a lot on combat. Among the new features will be the presence of the Merchant, who will be present in the settings and who will sell supplies, supplies, weapons and various upgrades. You will also be able to activate new abilities including improvements that can increase the movement and power of weapons.

Waiting for more details, we leave you to the newly released trailer, complete with Italian subtitles,and a short demonstration of The Mercenaries mode: good view!

MX Video - Resident Evil Village