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It's official: Outriders enter Game Pass at launch

After the not-so-veiled anticipation made on Twitter, Microsoft has today made the official announcement: the new co-op shooter of Square Enix and People Can Fly, Outriders, will arrive in the Xbox Game Pass at launch,on April1, complete with support (x)Cloud.

This is an exceptional announcement not only because we will have a new playable AAA title at no additional cost in the Microsoft service, but also because it is the first AAA third party production to arrive in the Pass, a sign that Microsoft's investments are moving from the acquisition of third-party exclusives (such as Tomb Raider in the past) to the inclusion of titles in the Pass. A change that is undoubtedly beneficial for all Microsoft service owners!

We remind you that Xbox Game Pass is a subscription service that, at a cost of 9.99 Euros per month, allows you to play freely and without limitation to all the titles included in the service, with new games that are added every month. You can buy it from this page on the Microsoft Store, or make a single subscription to Game Pass + Live Gold + EA Play + Cloud Gaming with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which can be purchased from this page.