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Destiny 2: The optimized version for next-generation consoles is coming soon

The wait for Destiny 2 players with a next-genconsole is almost over - the next weekly refresh, scheduled for Tuesday, December 8th- will mark the time for the release of the optimized version of the game for the new consoles.

The most anticipated improvement is the one that will bring the game to a 4K resolution with frame-rate set at 60 fps. In PvP mode, Destiny 2 will instead switch to a frequency of 120 fps (but not on Series S), lowering the resolution and some unspecified "advanced graphics settings". All this, of course, provided that you have a display that allows you to enable this frequency.

Bungie has long detailed all the improvements in the next-gen versions, which partly depend directly on the hardware used: in particular, the loading and waiting times of the game should be further reduced, compared to the already improved performance found by running the current version of the game on a next generation console.

Speaking of generations, the update fully supports cross-generation play, meaning that the game experience will be unique, bringing together players from the two versions of the game without the need for any intervention: your next raid in the Crypt of Pietrafonda will see players participating in the same group using the new optimized version together with players with the console of the previous generation.

And that's not all. In terms of in-game content, the next weekly refresh will mark the return of the Prophecy dungeon Profezia and especially the new edition of the IronBanner, the first ever since the release of Beyond the Light and therefore the first in which fighters will be able to make use of the Stasis. We remind you that the Iron Banner is a weekly PvP event (with power levels activated) based on a particular version of Control mode and that offers particularly delicious opportunities to be rewarded with unique and high-level drops, also thanks to the special sizes that you can activate by visiting Lord Saladin on the Tower.

We therefore just have to wait until Tuesday to get our hands on this new version!
To allow the update, Destiny 2 servers will be closed starting at 5 pm italian time on Tuesday and the new version will be available from 6 pm: unfortunately it is not possible to start downloading it in advance and it is a real shame, as Bungie has confirmed that in any case for next-gen users it will be necessary to reload the entire game, for a download of about 70GB.