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The next The Dark Pictures is House of Ashes and takes us among the Sumer myths in Iraq

As with the previous title, Bandai Namco and Supermassive Games have revealed the next title of the horror series The Dark Pictures Anthology with a trailer that is shown to those who complete the story of the newly released game, Little Hope.

Titled The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes,the new title coming out presumably in a year's time will take us to the Iraqidesert, where a team of US soldiers is called upon to investigate a mysterious force that is mowing down Allied troops.

The title "House of Ashes" recalls a Sumerian myth about the kingdom of the dead, deep underground and in which the souls of the dead would live among the dust and tormented by demons. From the images of the film it is evident that the game will take place, at least in part, in a cave system that recalls this "House of Ashes", and we also discover that the protagonist will be played by the American actress Ashley Tisdale.

We leave you at the announcement teaser: good vision.

MX Video - The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes