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Microsoft unveils new Microsoft Store, comes soon to Xbox Insiders

Microsoft has announced that abrand new Microsoft Store interfacewill be coming to Xbox (One and Series X, of course) this fall, recreated from the ground up to improve both performance and ease of use, making it much more enjoyable to search for and discover new games and other content on the Store.

This new experience will be available as early as August 5 to some Xbox Insider users,so if you're part of the program and you're in luck, it's possible that it's installed with an update; In the meantime, however, we can get a taste of it in a movie in which Major Nelson shows us his skills along with the director of development Cody Bird, as well as through a series of images of the interface.

An interesting thing to note is how the Home Store has an animated background; Given the very high probability that the entire Xbox dashboard will be adapted to this graphic style in time for the launch of Xbox Series X (Microsoft has stated in the past that Xbox One and Series X will have the same interface, but not that this will remain the same as we have today), could this perhaps hint at the arrival of animated themes for the Dashboard?

We leave you to the movie and the pictures: good viewing!

MX Video - Xbox One