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Halo Infinite is set on the Zeta Halo: what does it mean?

After fans had been making this assumption for many months, the official confirmation from 343 Industries has arrived today: the ring that we will visit and that we can explore freely in Halo Infinite is nothing more than the Halo Zeta or Installation 07, a legendary structure in halo's lore described in detail in Greg Bear's trilogy of precursor saga novels.

But what does this mean for us players? Put simply, a great potential for the variety of stories and gameplay that will develop in the title. This is because ofthe uniqueness of the Zeta Halo,which houses on its surface a wide variety of different biomes,is the home for a large amount of animal species and especially housed human communities in the distant past, when the Precursors used them to study flood infection. This means not only that on the ring we can find very different environments from those seen so far in the series, but that we could even find the remains of an ancient and lost human civilization.

To explain more about this structure, our friends from 17K Group,great enthusiasts and experts of the Halo lore, come to our aid. In an article dedicated to Installation07, they explain that this installation "is part of the original 12 Rings built over 100,000 years ago at the Great Ark" and has " a diameter of 30,000 kilometers" (almost three times the diameter of the Earth, 12,742 km); the ring, like all, was born as a weapon, but not only: it also aimed to"preserve different biological life forms saved by the Biologists, the caste of the Precursors dedicated to the preservation of life. This was part of the Conservation Measure plan, a titanic operation to round up the life forms that would repopulate the galaxy as a result of the Halo Effect. I mean, a huge galactic Noah's aca.

In addition, as already mentioned, the ring "actively pursued research on how to defeat the greatest threat of our galaxy: the parasite known as Flood". For this purpose, "these experiments were carried out mainly on the subspecies of ancient humans Tudejsa,which at the time lived right on Zeta Halo,and took place in research facilities that the ancient humans had christened "Palace of Pain".

In addition to this, the ring was the scene of very important events in the history of Halo; you can read more about this very interesting information in the excellent 17K Group article.

In light of this information, the confirmation that the scenario of the story of Halo Infinite will be precisely the Zeta Halo gives glimpses a large number of scenarios: the exploration of ancient human ruins, the presence of extremely varied and never seen fauna before, environments and biomes extremely different from each other, and of course, the presence of the Floods, which according to Lore would have been completely exterminated on the ring but that, after so long, may have found a way to re-emerge.

In short, 343 Industries has a lot of material to draw on: we can't wait to discover further developments!