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Recompile: a futuristic metroidvania coming to the next-gen consoles

The British studio Phigames has announced the development of Recompile, a 3D metroidvania in development for Xbox Series X impersonate a block of sentient code trapped in the Mainframe, a kind of cyberspace populated by virtual constructs and aggressive enemy routines. The game will have intense sessions of platforming and combat, but also of hacking: everything in the game world, including enemies, can in fact be hacked.

The developers explain that the game's sources of inspiration are titles such as Axiom Verge, Hollow Knight, Ori and the Blind Forest, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Rime. We leave you to the game information provided by the developers, an announcement trailer and some images: good reading and good viewing!

Take control of a semi-sentient program and escape cancellation in this evocative hacking adventure inspired by the Metroidvania genre. Set in the vast 3D world of Mainframe, Recompile offers intense combat, narrow platform, environmental hacking and a unique and intricate narrative.

Combining the traditional mechanics of the Metroidvania genre with a branched dynamic narrative system, Recompile challenges players to explore, fight, hack and survive. Discover the many secrets behind the ancient digital landscape and prepare for system-wide reconfiguration.

The entire narrative of the game takes place in a second of real time.


Immerse yourself in the ancient and sprawling ruins of the Mainframe and discover a set of skills that will help you on your journey to true intelligence.

Recompile aims to be the first Metroidvania-style game to include multiple and highly dynamic critical routes. Your playing style and choices matter, weaving a unique narrative as the true nature of the mysterious virtual world is revealed.


The premature fall of the Seven Suns leads to a millennium of abandonment, gradually transforming the vast code repository of the Mainframe into a race of half sentient and half deterministic subroutines. They exist in a state of flux, as if trapped by their programming in a kind of twisted digital purgatory.

You, the Program, will have to decide whether to help or hinder the inhabitants of the Mainframe. The inhabitants are strange and different and many will be inherently hostile. A full range of powerful weapons and abilities will be available to help you survive, defend and destroy.


Every single environmental feature, including power grids, closed doors, and even huge enemy-generation machines, are all powered by intricate circuits of interconnected logical doors.

Nothing is permanently coded, everything is systemic and everything is completely exploitable. Logical doors can be completely reversed, bypassed or completely disabled, allowing you to peacefully and safely resolve puzzles or other threatening obstacles. Even the same inhabitants can be tampered with and their schedule changed to follow the player's commands.


Recompile is a game of choices and consequences.

Life and death. Chaos and determinism. Be sentient and wise. Intelligence exists in many forms. In this dying world, you have to explore all possibilities. It observes and respects all perspectives. Only then can we really survive.

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