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A trailer shows us the features of F1 2020

Codemasters today released a new trailer for F1 2020 that shows us the main features of the game; the two new circuits of Hanoi and Zandvoort, the My Team mode, improved options on the track, the reintroduction of the split-screen, classic cars and much more.

As for My Team, the game's new management mode, the trailer explores car customization, the driver market and team structures. Before we take a seat on the grid, we will have to make off-piste decisions that will increase the motivation of the driver and staff, and that will generate funds to improve the facilities, upgrade the parts of the car and make a new teammate sign up.

The trailer also highlights the integration of the F2, the shorter seasons, and the customization options that give us more control over the way we run. Following feedback from drivers and players, F1 2020 includes numerous improvements on the track. The ERS, as in real life, activates at the touch of a button, making the maneuver much more natural to perform. The game has also introduced a virtual rearview mirror that simplifies the identification of opponents and repels any potential attack from rivals.

We leave you to the trailer reminding you that the title is now on its way: it will be released on July 10th.

MX Video - F1 2020