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Marvel's Avengers returns to show off in three long Italian movies

Last night Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix returned to show us Marvel's Avengers with three movies that we can now offer you complete with Italian voice acting (one of only three with subtitles, though), so that you can also evaluate the localization work done on the games.

The three films consist of a long demonstration of the game's campaign mode played as Thor, a trailer dedicated to the story in which we see the involvement of the main enemy, MODOK,and a demonstration of the War Zones mode,the co-op mode structured as a GaaS(Game asa Service, the kind of titles like Destiny and The Division)structured in missions based on teamwork and can be tackled in both singles and in the company of three other friends. Videos also reveal details about the game world, from AIM search facilities to ruined elivolo, which players can explore for rewards, equipment, and experience points.

We leave you to the three movies: good viewing!

MX Video - Marvel's Avengers