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Hunting Simulator 2 shows us how to use the hunting dog

Almost a month after theannouncement, Nacon returned to talk about the Hunting Simulator 2 hunting simulator by releasing a movie dedicated to one of the key features of the title: the use of the hunting dog as a support to locate and, in some cases, catch our prey.

So we discover that in Hunting Simulator 2 we can choose from three different breeds of dogs, each characterized by specific skills: Beagle, Labrador Retriever and finally the German short-haired Bracco.

Players will then have to pay close attention to the choice of which four-legged friend to take during hunting trips, considering the type of prey to hunt and its habitat.

So we just have to leave it to the movie subtitled in Italian that shows us in more detail each of the three races and the skills that characterize them, reminding you that Hunting Simulator 2 will be available on Xbox One 25; good viewing!

MX Video - Hunting Simulator 2