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Xbox Series X: The first gameplay will be revealed next Thursday at Inside Xbox

We now know a lot about the hardware of Xbox Series X,the most powerful console of the next-gen coming later this year, but we haven't seen any real gameplay yet and we're all curious to see what this hardware will be able to do. Today we discover that the wait is almost over!

Microsoft has announced that a new installment of the Inside Xbox show will be held on May mostrarci il gameplay di alcuni dei titoli in sviluppo per 7 at 5 p.m. Xbox Series X

The ad reads "Watch the first next-gen gameplay from our global partner developers",which means that you probably won't be shown first-party titles but only third-party titles, such as the newly announced Assassin's Creed Valhalla (confirmed by Ubisoft),perhaps even the long-awaited Elden Ring of From Software and more. For titles like Halo Infinite and others we'll probably have to wait until June with the E3 replacement event,but at least we can get a first taste of next-gen titles!

Appointment then at 17:00 on May 7, but stay tuned because we will arrange to follow and comment together on the live!