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Beyond Blue will let us dive into its ocean in June

E-Line Media announced with a video that Beyond Blue,a fascinating underwater narrative adventure that will plunge us into the ocean depths between marine flora and fauna, finally has a release date:June 8, 2020,a day that exactly coincides with World Oceans Day.

The announcement was accompanied by the following statement, issued by Michael Angst, CEO of E-Line Media and creative director of Beyond Blue::

"We are extremely excited to share our game with all of you.

We've been concerned with creating a visual and audio experience that immerses players in the beauty of the ocean and the incredible creatures that inhabit it, hoping that they will do so with a certain interpretation and artistic skill.

Players will explore different environments ranging from an atoll of a sun-slick oasis, through the gauzy blue "twilight" area where only the slightest amount of light penetrates to the abyssal zone, populated by very rare creatures that produce their own light in an otherwise uneasi environment.

The title will also boast the presence of 16 mini documentaries entitled "Ocean Insights" that contain original footage and interviews with leading ocean experts.

We now leave you to watch the footage that shows us in more detail some of the ocean species and the settings that we will encounter during our explorations, informing you that Beyond Blue will be available only in digital version for the price of 19.99 euros. Have a good look!

MX Video - Beyond Blue