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Division 2 updates and introduces reconfiguration of special items

Ubisoft has announced that a new update of The Division 2 is available today that introduces the ability to reconfigure special items,allowing us to bring those below our current level and improve those that already are.

Below we report directly the announcement posted on the official website of The Division 2 that reveals all the details of this new feature.



We are happy to announce that the next update will introduce the possibility of reconfiguring special items. This feature will allow you to bring special objects below your current level and improve those that already are, prolonging the usefulness of special components over time.


With the reconfiguration of special objects, you can do two things:

  1. Bring the special item to the level of your creation station, up to the maximum level (40).
  2. Assign new statistical values to the attributes of the reconfigured special object, appropriate to the level of the special object. Once the reconfiguration is done, the new overall power of the special object may vary from the minimum guaranteed to the maximum value.

If the special item is of the same level as the player, reconfiguring it will skip the first step and go directly to the status and attribute assignment. Reconfiguring an already powerful special object is a risky move, because the operation assigns a new value to each attribute bar and the overall power of the object. The new values will not take into account the previous ones, being able to go each from the minimum guaranteed value to the maximum value.

TCTD2 - Reconfigure Exotics - 03

TCTD2 - Reconfigure Exotics - 01


You can reconfigure the patterns of all the game's special items, including those introduced by the Warlords of New York expansion. As soon as you acquire a particular special item, you can purchase its reconfiguration scheme from the DIY seller, Inaya. The upgrade schemes that the player has before The Implementation of Update 9 will be automatically converted to reconfiguration schemes and will be available in the Reconfigure section of the authoring station.

TCTD2 - Reconfigure Exotics - 02


Reconfiguring a special item will consume 1 special component, as well as of course all generic DIY materials required for that specific object. After Update 9, the dismantling of a special object will give you only one special component instead of two.

Finally, please note that the update is totally free and weighs about 10GB; Good download!