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Rumor: The Resident Evil 4 remake is in development and will be released in 2022

After the remastered versions of Resident Evil 2 and the most recent versions of Resident Evil 3,it seems that Capcom has no intention of stopping: from 2018 a new remake of the famous Resident Evil 4 entrusted to the studio M-Two (which helped Capcom with Resident Evil 3) of the former Platinum Games Tatsuya Minami.

According to the well-known insider Dusk Golem, who has already condivso interesting information about an alleged and new Resident Evil 8,it seems that the re-released of Resident Evil 4 can count on a very large development team that would also include internal staff at Capcom who has been involved in the development of Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5.

The project would also be followed by the developers of the first edition of Resident Evil 4,including producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi, who recently contributed to the development of Mega Man 11 and designer Kouji Kakae, who also worked on Devil May Cry 5. However, the supervision of the entire work would have been entrusted to a person who only recently joined the M-Twoteam.

The insider also says that the team is paying close attention to the feedback it's getting from players on the Resident Evil 3remake, so as to limit as much as possible to stumbling upon the same mistakes.

In reference to the famous Shinji Mikami,game director of the first edition of Resident Evil 4,it seems that, although he is not directly involved in the development, he has still provided valuable advice in order to ensure the best success. Citing the insider's words in fact "the project enjoys the full approval of Shinji Mikami, who is constantly in contact with Capcom".

As for the release period of this new re-release of Resident Evil 4,the insider talks about a launch window scheduled for 2022,so probably only on next-gen consoles.

Since, at least for now, we are talking about simple rumors devoid of any officiality, we invite you to take this information with the pliers and stay tuned to our frequencies to know all the developments on this new reissue of Resident Evil 4!