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Cannibal Holocaust becomes a video game with Cannibal by Ruggero Deodato

The Roman team Fantastico Studio and director and screenwriter Ruggero Deodato have announced that they are working on a new horror adventure inspired by the famous 80s saga"Cannibal Holocaust",produced and directed by Deodato: Cannibal will be available on Xbox One November.

Consistent with the original film saga, Cannibal will tell the story of some native peoples, telling their customs and customs, including the practice of cannibalism, all accompanied by powerful metaphors that reveal the most disturbing and profound impulses of the human soul.

Players will play the role of different characters,all members of an expedition that led them to the black jungle of Borneo Island,located in Southeast Asia, with the aim of discovering the reasons that drove the members to undertake this mysterious and, at times, bloody expedition.

"Experimenting is one of the things I consider fundamental in this field. What I'm really interested in is testing myself, trying something new, maybe that's also why I've waited so long to get back into the jungle and cannibals.

At the time we went into the jungle, we lived with the natives, we showed the public a reality that they could never experience and understand personally.

Today, however, there are dozens of documentaries and films that show the life and nature of those places, and for me the theme had lost its charm. Meeting the guys at Fantastico Studio offered me the opportunity to return to those atmospheres, to those themes, but trying something new: contaminating my world with video game language is a new challenge, making interactive history opens up many new possibilities and I hope that this can also help bring young people closer to my narrative universe", commented Ruggero Deodato.

So we just have to leave you to watch the announcement footage of Cannibal, inviting you to stay tuned to our frequencies to know the future updates that will affect the new work of the guys of Fanstastico Studio!

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