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Atomicrops arrives on May 28; announcement trailer

After making its debut on the gaming market in September 2019 for PC, Raw Fury Games announced that its Atomicrops will soon make an appearance on consoles: it will be available on Xbox One 28.

As you'll notice from the trailer that accompanies the announcement, Atomicrops is a two-dimensional title that puts us in the shoes of a farmer with the intention of growing GMOs, which will serve to feed the locals. It may seem like a "simple" Farming Simulator,but it is not: at night, some bandits, as well as the pests of the crops themselves (from the important dimensions, given the genetic modification of the sown), may not make us sleep soundly, invading our fields that we will have to defend with the sound of shooting; at these stages the game will turn into a real shoot'em up.

We leave you to the movie; Good vision!

MX Video - Atomicrops